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Stretch Mark Massage Oils

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Look, look! A twin egg again!!

I’ve been using a massage oil for the last month (4 months of pregnancy) to avoid stretch marks on my tummy.
And now I feel itchy on my tummy. Is it because the oils might be not so suitable for my skin? No, that’s not it. Now the skin seems to be really starting to stretch. That’s why. I had a big tummy before due to too much eating occasionally, but not this big. So I have to ask my tummy skin to do its best.

At first I referred to this page (Japanese page). “Use a good oil everyday and don’t skip, even for one day. If you forget, a stretch mark might appear.” Oh, that’s scary… Well, not so much, but I don’t want a lot of them to appear if it’s avoidable. So I got the recommended one in the page (on the right). It was sold in Canada, too. It’s a German product. I noticed Germany has good aroma-related products. This is Stretch Mark Massage Oil from WELEDA. It smells like real aroma essential oil, which I used to smell at really nice aroma therapy salons I visited in Hong Kong. Very comfortable smell.
The one on the left was a gift from our HK friend, S. Thank you very much. It’s miracle oil from a British brand, Boo Boo. The nice refreshing citrus smell makes me feel good too.
If I go and join aroma classes, I could make these nice oils in a way I like, but I don’t know how, so I’ll buy them for now.

To avoid stretch marks, taking a lot of liquid and exercise are as important as the massage oil. To stretch the skin nicely, it needs new cells. To create new cells, we need good nutrition, water, and blood circulation.

My doctor says massage oil is a waste of money, but I don’t think so.