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Now our TV channels have been reduced to about 20 from about 50!

Shaw TV reduced the number of channels. If we still want to continue watching what we had before, we need to pay money for an update. That’s what they say.

From a few moths ago we had a warning message on the TV screen. So I asked my landlord if we needed to worry about losing anything. He said if we want to watch more channels with better quality, we, the tenant, can personally buy a digital box to install to our TV to watch. Otherwise, we can ignore the message. We didn’t want more channels for an extra fee, but wanted to simply keep what we had. So we ignored it. But about a week ago, a half of the channels were gone! CNN and BBC are also gone!! As a result, now we watch Canadian news more…

The landlord was a bit wrong and we had to loose half.  He suggested watching CNN on the internet.

According to him, it cost $118 to buy a Digital Box, and is possible to install it by ourselves. Rental is also possible with a contract of 3 years or longer, which costs $4/month. x 3 years = $150.

We are anyway planning to move. So we’ll just do without those channels for a while and watch them online.

Sounds like satellite and the Telus TV continue to give the same number of channels!
Only Shaws….
For details:


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