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Feb 20 (Wed) – 21 (Thu)

This day, we tried cross-country skiing for the first time.
We were going to rent skis for a half day as we were going to use them for maybe 2 hours. I thought a half day can be a few hours in the morning or a few hours in the afternoon, but the half day price only started after 12:30. It was still before noon and we didn’t want to pay for a full day. When we asked if we could start earlier they said no problem. Thanks a lot!

Cross-country skiing for the first time

There are some courses we can take to learn how to cross-country ski, but the course time was fixed and required a reservation, and it was quite expensive, so we just went by ourselves. It should be OK because we would do it just like walking on the very flat frozen lake.  We wouldn’t fall down and we didn’t. The skis were thinner than normal skis and our heals can be lifted from them. Different, but we got used to it soon after. It was a nice walk around the lake.

Cross-country skiing for the first time Cross-country skiing on the frozen Lake Louise

Cross-country skiing for the first time Cross-country skiing on the frozen Lake Louise

Look! Some people were ice-climbing! So scary!!

Someone is ice-climbing!

Cross-country skiing on the frozen Lake Louise Cross-country skiing on the frozen Lake Louise

It was a nice experience.

In the afternoon, we had afternoon tea at the Lakeview Lounge @ the hotel !
We shared one.
The same chain hotel in Victoria, BC, has a nice afternoon tea too, but they require the guest to have a set once they sit at the table (I had never heard of such a policy before). So I thought there was a chance this place had the same policy, so I asked. Phew, they don’t require that.
This afternoon tea comes with a glass of champagne. I’m pregnant. I actually don’t need such a thing. Can you reduce the price and you can take it away… My hubby drank it. Please enjoy.

Afternoon Tea @ Chateau Lake Louise Afternoon Tea @ Chateau Lake Louise

Afternoon Tea @ Chateau Lake Louise Afternoon Tea @ Chateau Lake Louise Afternoon Tea @ Chateau Lake Louise

It was really good! The fruits were nice. The unique variety of tea was nice too.
Afternoon teas in Hong Kong might have a better deal for the cost, but this place has the great view of the lake. So I shouldn’t compare.

After this, we went to Banff again. It takes about 1 hour. The sky and mountains were beautiful and we enjoyed the drive very much.

Went to Banff again


The other day it was so packed and this day wasn’t.
I didn’t photoshop the picture, but the sky below looks strange… the lens filter?


Caribou Street. Nice!

Caribou Street

At night, we went to Miki, a Japanese restaurant. I knew this restaurant from reading my friend’s blog. The food looked great.
It’s inside a hotel.

This is my order: Chirashi Don. You can’t see the scallops, squid and octopus. It was really good.

Chirashi Don @ Miki (三喜)

This restaurant offers a good deal for a buffet for only $30. My husband was confident that he could eat a lot, so he ordered a lot and ate them all. I would have had the same if I was hungrier… Please open up a chain in Edmonton. We will go often! They make the food after ordering. It might take some time especially if it’s crowded. On this day and at this time, it wasn’t. We were lucky.

@ Miki (三喜) @ Miki (三喜)

@ Miki (三喜) @ Miki (三喜)

@ Miki (三喜)

Miki Japanese Restaurant
(403) 762-0600
600 Banff Ave, Banff

It was about – 5 c degree during the day, but when we went back to the hotel, it was -17! So cold!!


Next day…
The morning we were checking out, I had a Japanese breakfast set. Yes, there is such a thing at this hotel. With Natto (fermented soybeans)! Amazing! I love it and I eat it at least a few times a month at home. It’s so healthy and delicious with rice.
Japanese breakfast!

It was a perfect breakfast, even though the rice felt like it was microwaved. The fact that we can eat this in the middle of the Canadian Rockies amazes me! Thank you very much.

We bought some lunch at the Deli again and hit the road. It’s about 5 hours to Edmonton.


Looked like Edmonton had a snow storm. The trees were all white.

Back in Edmonton

There was a day that I could have only 3 hours sleep, but the last night I had a good long sleep. Is it because I had a lot of Gari (sweetened ginger that often comes with sushi). So that was good.

Finally my husband got a cold from me. I’m very sorry about that. I respect how strong he is, thinking of the fact that he hadn’t gotten cold by this time.

The Lake Louise is very popular and a lot of Japanese couples come for their honeymoons. It’s a romantic nice place. We really enjoyed it. We made nice memories for the last time (?) only by ourselves before having a BB.


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