Noorish Conscious Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar

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Mar 13 (Wed)

My Japanese girlfriends and I gathered at a vegan restaurant, Noorish for lunch. It’s been about 2 months since the last gathering. It was a fun time.

My friend was writing about this restaurant and it was in my wanna-go list but I didn’t have a chance. So that was good!

This place also has a yoga school, often carries music events and sells healthy food inside the restaurant. A high-end hippie kind of place. It was already quite full by 12 o’clock. It was a good thinking that one of us made a reservation already. A lot of items on the menu sounded very  yummy.
This was what I ordered: Kelp noodles (CAN$16). I think this was flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes and so on. It looks like Harusame noodles with ground meat, but noodles are actually kelp noodles and of course, no meat. The firmness of the noodles were like Shirataki noodles (very low carbohydrate, low calorie, thin, translucent, gelatinous traditional Japanese noodles made from devil’s tongue yam (elephant yam or the konjac yam)), which I liked. We felt it was a little bit salty. It would be nice to have some plain bread or rice as a side to go with this. But still it was really good and tasty. For a pregnant woman, the amount was a bit too small. I finished eating it all the fastest among us! ^^

Kelp Noodles

These were the friends’ orders:

Kelp Noodles Kassamwich with soup of the day

It’s a vegan restaurant. So they don’t use milk and eggs either. Not even soy milk for cakes! How can they make cakes? We asked and a waitress said they use coconut oil and so on and on (I forgot).
We shared a cake of the day: Chai Cheesecake (CAN$9.5). Very smooth and delicious!

Chai Cheesecake

We were all shocked by the news that Ms. K is leaving Edmonton in summer… Hope we can gather a few more times before she leaves.

Noorish Conscious Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar Noorish Conscious Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar

Noorish Conscious Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar
(780) 756-6880
8440 109 St NW, Edmonton


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