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Jamaica 7 – Treasure Beach 3

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Dec 23 (Sun) – 28 (Fri), 2012

25th: Christmas Day.

This morning we chatted over breakfast with the Spanish couple for a long time. It was already past 11 am when we finally noticed the time. They were here with their rent-a-car (wow, they drove on the terrible Jamaican roads!). They were going to Great Bay Beach, so we got a ride there. Thank you!


Lion fish


Big catch!

Lion fish with a local boy

We walked up a hill near the shore:

Great Bay Beach Great Bay Beach

We enjoyed the hot weather in the water as well. Late at night, I noticed that I had left my necklace there! Damn!! I bought it in Negril. Too bad…




Lion fish

When I see this page, lionfish are not sold in markets (at least in Japan). It’s a beautiful fish, when you image-search it, and a popular fish among divers to look at. The notes say it’s not very tasty. I think I had this for the first time, but it was tasty and I liked it as much as lobster! Lionfish was cheaper.

We went to a cafe and then went to another beach.

Treasure Beach Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach Treasure Beach

We were both lying down and reading. Without noticing it, the tide had risen and David’s towel got badly wet!

Dinner at Jerk again.

This night, we just had veggies with potatoes.

Veggie dish

We were told that the local community was having a Christmas event at the church, so we dropped by.
No decorations, just a very simple church. It was undergoing renovations and being enlarged. We didn’t even see a cross.
There was a lot of singing. When the kids sang, the adults gave small bills to them. David followed their custom. The money was collected later and the total amount of the donation was announced at the end.

Local community\'s Christmas party Local community\'s Christmas party

Local community\'s Christmas party

We usually spend Christmas in another country traveling. It’s a valuable experience.