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Value Village

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I like Value Village.
Value Village is a recycling shop that sells donated items. Items are used or sometimes new!
There are a lot of crappy items (sorry – could be a treasure for someone else!), but if you take time, you’ll find very valuable items.
Since we moved to Edmonton a year and a half ago, I’ve visited this shop a few times. If it were closer to our place, I would go more often.
It’s a great place to buy casual clothes. The pink sweater I wear the most was only $3. Even when I have a big belly, it’s still perfect to cover it.

It’s been a while since we visited here last time. I wanted to check what baby items or maternity items they’ve got. There are a lot of cute clean-looking items there. The items have tags of NB (Newly Born) or 3MO (3 months). Easy to choose. We bought 3 to begin with, with the price range between $1.99〜$4.99 per item. NB clothes are so small. I wonder if our baby would come out this small!?

baby clothes

They’ve got more maternity clothes than I expected. Yes, we wear these only for a certain period and we wouldn’t need them any more later. So, of course, these items would get donated regularly, I guess. I should have come before I went to the mall last time.
These maternity pants cost more than $50 at the WEM mall. They’re made from a thin material and I haven’t worn them more than once yet. For the next 3 months, I don’t know how many times I would wear them, but it’s an expensive buy for such a short period of time…
maternity wear

This was only $9.99 at Value Village.
maternity wear

It’s made with really nice strong material that I like.

I bought a few more maternity items and a sweater.
My husband bought 4 books. If you buy 4, the 5th is free! Lucky him. Good stuff.

We bought a lot. The stamp card got full for just a one-time purchase! Next shopping will be 30% off for us. Yay!

Value Village
8930-82nd Ave NW, Edmonton , AB T6C 0Z3
Phone: (780) 468-1259
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-9 | Sun 10-7

They have 5 branches in Edmonton.

Jamaica 8 – Treasure Beach 4 – Black River & Pelican Bar

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Dec 23 (Sun) – 28 (Fri), 2012

We took a Black River Tour on the 26th.
This tour took us to Black River by a motor boat for crocodile-watching. It’s by luck to see any and sometimes customers can’t (a Czech family we met at the guesthouse couldn’t see any). And then we visited Pelican Bar which is built in the middle of the ocean. It’s a 4-5 hour tour. As a larger group can get a discount, so we decided to go with the Spanish couple who became friends of ours.

Good morning, cutie! Have a good day and see you later!

Good morning!

We got on this boat.
It’s called Why You Ask. When the owner goes to register it, they’ll ask the name of the boat.

“What’s the name of the boat?”
“Why you ask?”
“Because we need to register your boat. So what is it called?”
“So I’m telling you, why you ask.”

The conversation will never end…

Out to the Black River

The wave sometimes splashed on our faces. It’s refreshing and windy. We got a lot of sun.

Out to the Black River Out to the Black River

Out to the Black River

We will come to see you later, Pelican Bar!

Pelican Bar

We saw a dolphin! We were told it’s quite rare here during this season. So we were lucky!


Then we went up the Black River. Here he is! They are the same colour as the branches. It’s hard to find them. Normally, the guides find them for us.


We enjoyed the nice river nature scenes as well.

Black River

Black River

Black River

My husband can’t just ignore a Tarzan rope when he finds one. He has to try it! :

Black River

Hello, girls! :

Black River

There’s a place on the river where we can have some crabs! They’re not filling, but nicely arranged, easy to eat and tasty!

Tasty crab Tasty crab

Black River

Now going back to the ocean.

Pelican Bar

I imagine it’s hard to manage a restaurant like this. You have to bring everything over the water, drinks, gas, food, water…
It’s so windy too as it is located in the middle of the ocean.
We can have drinks here and also order some meals. They have a small section for souvenirs. We bought a redwood carving of dolphins.

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

This is a lobster dish. Shared with my hubby. It went so quickly! Very delicious.

Lobster lunch

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

It was a very enjoyable time.

Had fish & chips at the guesthouse for dinner.

Dinner - Fish & Chips

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