Jamaica 6 – Treasure Beach 2

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Dec 23 (Sun) – 28 (Fri), 2012

We stayed at Nuestra Casa in Treasure Beach for 6 nights.

They served breakfast and each day we had a different one. A lot of variety: Jamaican and Western! I liked them all.

Every day, we got nice portion of really fresh fruits. So energizing.

Jamaican breakfast Jamaican breakfast

This leaf veggie is called callaloo. I think I had this for the first time. This one was mixed with salted pieces of fish. It seems to go well with a lot of things like rice or omelettes. I like to eat a lot of veggies. It’s going to be my regular order at restaurants in Jamaica, I think.

Jamaican breakfast

Another day, we got served poached eggs:


Another day, scrambled eggs with beans:


With the owner, Roger, and our Spanish friends, X and S.


Another day, Ackee and a young banana (they are not sweet! They are like potatoes):

Ackee breakfast

Usually baked sweet banana and avocado came with the dish and sweet potatoes were often there too. Quite filling and healthy.

Breakfast Jamaican breakfast


This guesthouse has a nice rooftop with some nice shade. We spent time there and on the beach as well.

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach


We had dinner at Roger’s. This is pumpkin soup.
The staff was digging the pumpkin this afternoon. They made it from scratch.
We really loved this tasty thick soup!

Pumpkin soup

Lobster, mashed potato and beans:

Dinner main dish - Lobster and Potato with peas and avocado

@ Nuestra Casa AKA Roger\'s

Thank you for making the table romantic!


24th was the Christmas Eve.
We took it easy this day as well.

Treasure Beach Treasure Beach

Snack Treasure Beach

We had dinner at Jerk again. The chef was there and cooked meals for us. Swordfish and shrimp dish:

I ate swordfish again

Shrimp dish

Dinner @ Jerk banana split with icecream

Dessert was baked banana with ice cream. Yummy!


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