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We went to Jamaica in winter 2012-2013 for a holiday. I already wrote 5 entries regarding this trip, but they are only in Japanese. Sorry!


Dec 16 (Sun) to 22 (Sat), 2012

An old lady was selling fruits on the street in front of where we were staying. We bought some a few times. The things we ate for the first time were:

  • Sweetsop (the ones with green skin)
  • Custard apples (the ones with pink skin)

Both were really tasty!
She said custard apples are not in the market so often. We were lucky we were able to try it. The name for it is perfect. It is really like custard.
One of the highlights of the trip for me.

The pinkish ones are custard apples

Fruit Lady Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach

Custard apple:

Custard apple


Sweet sap

According to this page, they are both the same family, called Annona squamosa. Sure they look almost the same inside, but not outside…

Doctor’s Cave Beach was right out front.
It was $6 each to rent a parasol and 2 chair beds for a day. It’s better to stay longer than an hour to make use of it… We spent like 5 hours enjoying the beach each time we came here.

Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach

Lunch (Fish cake and salads) @ Sands:

Lunch @ Sands Lunch (Fish cake and salads) @ Sands Lunch @ Sands

Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach

Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach


Another day, we had fruits for snack and lunch at Sands again. Nice heaven.

Snack & lunch Shrimp salad lunch

With my condition of morning sickness, I couldn’t drink water very easily… It’s very important for a pregnant woman to take in enough liquid: 8 cups a day or even more in this kind of hot climate.
I could drink iced water. So when I had a chance, I tried to drink as much as possible. Otherwise, I was taking liquid from fruits, fruit juice and soft drinks. I usually don’t drink soft drinks and didn’t want to, but no choice. Still as they are so high in sugar, I’m afraid I was taking too much sugar daily…


You can rent snorkeling equipment here as well ($6/day).

Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach Montego Bay - Doctor\'s Cave Beach

I saw a lot of sea urchins in the water! I heard Jamaicans don’t eat sea urchins. It’s a delicacy in Japan and we like it. I was born in Niigata, Japan, but I didn’t take a lesson on catching urchins (there are traditional professional lady divers who get sea urchins with only one breath).  Now I regret I don’t have that skill here… too bad. We could have had all-we-can-eat sea urchin buffet! Sounds like individuals are allowed to take some fish from the sea like fishing is allowed.

* When I uploaded the photo to Flickr and said the same thing, someone commented saying that the urchins here are not so tasty. Maybe would it taste like the ones in Chile, not such a deep flavour?

I saw beautiful fish too! Changing subject? Yes, I shouldn’t talk only about food….



The restaurants we went to in Montego Bay were all pretty good.

We went to this restaurant, Golden Dynasty 3 times (dinner 2 times and lunch once) !

Battered shrimp Egg-drop soup Garlic broccolies, Mapo Tufu (without meat), and garlic lobster

I love Mapo Doufu (麻婆豆腐) but it often contains some ground meat. So it’s tricky for me to order. This Mapo Doufu doesn’t contain any meat to begin with! Great. My hubby didn’t eat this much, so I had to eat it almost all to myself. It was a great meal. Got so full.

This one was a lunch. I think it was a $6 set meal. All brown! 99% is made of oil and carbos.

Fat and Carbo lunch


Another day, we went to The Pelican. It was a nice family restaurant with comfortable sofas, but it was quite chilly inside. Some DJ event was getting prepared at the park in front of the restaurant. It went on and was very loud even at midnight. We could hear it well from our room.
There is a delicacy called ackee & saltfish in Jamaica and we wanted to try it. At this restaurant, we tried an appetizer, “ackee with bammy (a type of potato)”.  It was good, but the fried bammy pieces were quite heavy on my stomach. I didn’t need 6 pieces… My hubby also ordered the same one as an appetizer. One order was enough, we realized later.

Ackee & Bammy, and Pumpkin Soup


Rum & Raisin Pie

We had rum & raisin cake and a lemon pie for dessert! I shouldn’t have any alcohol, but I ate it and it was delicious.

We had a room with a kitchen! So we ate our breakfast in the room everyday and made dinner 3 times during 7 nights staying here. Jamaica is not cheaper than Canada or the US. So eating inside makes some difference. And because of my condition of getting worse morning sickness at night, it’s more convenient that I can go to bed as soon as I want after dinner. I really went to bed early everyday. I felt much better in the morning.

Dinner at our room

During the stay in Montego Bay, I was reading “A Bad Novel (「厭な小説」)” by Natsuhiko Kyogoku. It was really bad. It was sicking. I know it says so. So I can’t complain. It was really interesting and good, but maybe you should avoid reading it if you are pregnant. It gives you more nausea.


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