Red Lobster

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My husband and I agreed that Red Lobster looks like a good place when we are hungry for seafood, we thought by watching their commercial on TV. It’s one of the biggest seafood chains in the US. The big portions are very American with very little veggies or none at all on the menu, I thought. But actually it wasn’t like that so much so when we visited there. When ordering entrees for dinner, it came with a caesar salad or a house salad. That was nice.

The first time we went to one of the two brunches in Edmonton was about 2 months ago. I wasn’t expecting going out for dinner, but we took too long for shopping at WEM, so we went there for a quick dinner. At that time, my hubby ordered the Ultimate Feast ($29.99) which is a great plate with crab legs, shrimp, lobster and etc. I ordered 2 appetizers, which were New England Clam Chowder (bowl $6.5) and Seafood Sampler (about $13). The sampler was a good deal. Hubby’s entree came with a salad, and also each table gets some biscuits (quite salty in my opinion). I got really full and satisfied.

This day (Apr 12), we printed out a coupon and brought it with us: $10 discount for 2 entrees of Lobster Fest menu items.


Complimentary biscuits

House Salad and caesar salad that comes with the entrees

House SaladCaeser Salad

We both ordered the same one: Bar Harbor Lobster Bake ($30.99)

Bar Harbor Lobster Bake

It was great! This linguini pasta looks too heavy and it was! Salt and butter. So many calories, I imagined. But it was good… I brought home my left-over.

We liked it, but maybe once in a while is good enough for us.

Surprised to find a brunch in Japan as well! (found it on Wiki)

Red Lobster
(780) 484-0660
10111 171 Street, Edmonton, AB

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