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I like Value Village.
Value Village is a recycling shop that sells donated items. Items are used or sometimes new!
There are a lot of crappy items (sorry – could be a treasure for someone else!), but if you take time, you’ll find very valuable items.
Since we moved to Edmonton a year and a half ago, I’ve visited this shop a few times. If it were closer to our place, I would go more often.
It’s a great place to buy casual clothes. The pink sweater I wear the most was only $3. Even when I have a big belly, it’s still perfect to cover it.

It’s been a while since we visited here last time. I wanted to check what baby items or maternity items they’ve got. There are a lot of cute clean-looking items there. The items have tags of NB (Newly Born) or 3MO (3 months). Easy to choose. We bought 3 to begin with, with the price range between $1.99〜$4.99 per item. NB clothes are so small. I wonder if our baby would come out this small!?

baby clothes

They’ve got more maternity clothes than I expected. Yes, we wear these only for a certain period and we wouldn’t need them any more later. So, of course, these items would get donated regularly, I guess. I should have come before I went to the mall last time.
These maternity pants cost more than $50 at the WEM mall. They’re made from a thin material and I haven’t worn them more than once yet. For the next 3 months, I don’t know how many times I would wear them, but it’s an expensive buy for such a short period of time…
maternity wear

This was only $9.99 at Value Village.
maternity wear

It’s made with really nice strong material that I like.

I bought a few more maternity items and a sweater.
My husband bought 4 books. If you buy 4, the 5th is free! Lucky him. Good stuff.

We bought a lot. The stamp card got full for just a one-time purchase! Next shopping will be 30% off for us. Yay!

Value Village
8930-82nd Ave NW, Edmonton , AB T6C 0Z3
Phone: (780) 468-1259
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-9 | Sun 10-7

They have 5 branches in Edmonton.

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