My Bilingual Blog!

Posted on May 4, 2013 in Internet | 0 comments

I started blogging in English and now you can read my last 44 entries in English!
The switching button is on the right side bar.

It takes double the time, but it’s good for me to get more used to writing in English, and my husband can read my stuff and then I’m making more possibilities for my non-Japanese speaking friends and families (it’s only the possibility. Whether they read them or not is another story… The door on this side is open for you!). At this point, my basic purpose is fulfilled. But as I imagined at the beginning, I only get a few hits on my English version. Too bad.

But at least I like doing it. There are not many people out there who are doing their blogging in more than 2 languages. So it’s an amazing thing! Nobody else but my hubby and some lovely friends are supporting me for my English blogging, so I’ll try not to forget that and do my best for myself.

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