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At the end of April, the temperature went down to -6°C and it snowed. But the last Sunday it went up to 30°C. The season is skipping spring seriously!

At night it’s still like 5 °C and the temperature differs a lot in a day. It’s nice to hear warm warnings about it from many of my friends. Yes, we really have to take care of ourselves not to catch cold. Thank you.

So it’s been warm or hot for the last 2 weeks outside. But somehow our basement suite has been about 3°C colder than the temperature it’s supposed to be. It is set for 21.5°C. But it’s been much colder! As soon as we get home from the hot outdoors, we feel chilly and I have get on a turtle neck sweater right away. A turtle neck sweater is an all-year-round item for me in this basement.

I had a headache this morning… chilly, chilly.

After living in a basement suite for 2 years, now I finally understand how it is. It’s like a cave. Cooler and colder. My hubby’s cough didn’t get better quickly because of this chilliness here. So a year and a half ago, we bought a small heater. But we found out the usage of it can make the house short of the electricity and also found it’s restricted on our lease. Oops… so we bought it, but we couldn’t really use it.
But in this case ( 3°C colder  for 2 weeks), we need to use it. We explained and got permission from the landlord. They didn’t know why the temperature was like that here. They have 23°C up there, they said. Wow, nice!

Anyway, when you live in a basement, you always have to have heat and the lights turned on, even though the outside is warm/hot and very sunny and bright. It’s quite anti-eco, but how can we help ourselves…?

AND… today I strained my back! This might be a bit serious. I’ve had a back pain once or twice since I came to Canada, but I recovered within 1 or 2 days, and it wasn’t serious like the ones I got in HK. I think some yoga and some certain foods helped. And also since I got here, I was practicing some poses once in a while that can prevent back pain. I think that was good. But that pose is difficult to do when your belly is big. So I stopped doing it. Maybe that’s why… My balance of weight has been changed, which also could be a reason.
Tying a shoe lace is quite difficult now. When you crouch down, you have to open your legs because the belly is there. So the maternity denim skirt that I bought wasn’t so practical. My legs don’t open side to side (Can’t do that anyway when someone is watching!?).

I don’t want to catch cold anymore during this pregnancy! So I’m wearing a turtle neck, a fleece, and then a blanket on top of it, while sitting around the desk.

I really don’t mind moving out soon!


May 5th, 2013, Hawrelak Park. The last snow (30°C) :

Hawrelak ParkHawrelak Park

North Saskatchewan River:

Hawrelak ParkHawrelak Park


By the way, now 100 Japanese yen = CAD$1!

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