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  • We used to live in a cave and we never had a chance to buy potted plants. But now we have a lot of sun in our place and bought a sweet basil pot. It’s great. I’m looking for shiso leaves as well, but it’s a bit difficult to find here… All food, yes of course! ^^
  • Are you really an animal lover? Why are you eating meat then? You have to kill some to have some. You never raise them and kill them. But you are eating the meat…
  • Seems like I received 4 boxes from parents in Japan. They are coming for 2 months in summer. Mail carrier really came to deliver them? I was at home all day, but never heard the bell ring. Were you really here with the boxes?
  • While thinking about shopping for baby items and father’s day gifts online for a day, they got sold out! Oops. Better buy the things you want right away…
  • I was cleaning my old Mac’s keyboard on June 12th. Suddenly hail started to fall!
    IMG_3827 IMG_3828
  • My handstanding hubby.
  • I made crepes yesterday. Very busy moving, settling-in, shopping, work and preparing for baby delivery. But I can not move around as I like. That’s frustrating. I need to eat something like this! ^^
  • Today a lot of fluff was in the air flying. It was fantastic.

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