Third Trimester

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Apr 18
I was able to sleep 10 hours a day easily during the first and second trimesters, but now I wake up after 6 or 7 hours sleep (enough?) and can not go back to sleep. That was also written in a book as a symptom, so I just have to live with it.

Apr 23
I felt my tummy tightening for the first time. When I was sleeping in bed in the early morning, my tummy suddenly felt tighter and hard. It was softer before. I was surprised, but no pain. I wondered what happened, but it got soft again. Was I just imagining!?

Apr 24
When I went to bed, my tummy tightened again. It’s abnormal. When it’s hard, I don’t feel the baby moving. It stayed like that for 30 seconds or so. And then it got softer. It repeatedly happened like 5 times within an hour and I got worried. But no pain, and when it’s not tightened, I still felt the baby moving. So I quit worrying and tried to sleep.

Apr 25
After I checked about it in my book and online, I ended up finding it was a normal thing. It’s called Braxton Hicks in English.
Online, it said,
At 28 weeks pregnant you may notice shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and scattered Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions are normally painless and consist when the uterus hardens for a minute then releases.
Yes, I’m on 28 weeks now. They know it very well.
In my book, this Braxton Hicks was explained a lot in the section of 8 months. I’m still on 7 months, so I hadn’t read that part too carefully… (yes, it’s an excuse.)
Anyway, I’m relieved.

And at night, I felt the baby had hiccups. It was like every 2 seconds, some little spasms were happening in my tummy constantly and continued for more than 1 minute. I got worried about this too. But after checking in a book, I found out it was fetal hiccups. So interesting.

Apr 29
Now I see the middle line on my tunny top to bottom. This is called the linea negra. I’ve seen it on pregnant bellies. My belly button hasn’t come out yet, but I can see inside very well.
She is doing hiccups again.

May 2
One term seemed to have finished at school and some people left. The gym at the U of A had less people than on the weekend.
Early in the morning when I was still in bed, I got a cramp again. This time it was nasty and painful for 2 days… Even though I go to the gym and try to get the blood circulating well, it seems to have no impact on avoiding leg cramps… I got afraid to stretch my body in bed and tried to sleep with my legs bent.

I’ve been trying to find some under-wear that opens in front or that are easier for breast feeding, but it’s not so easy to find perfect ones because they are kind of specialized items and expensive. I find Japanese online shops have more variety of range of personalized items and also cheaper. Why are they so different? Japanese stuff (designed in Japan and manufactured in China often) are great.

May 7
She was doing hiccups again, this time for more than 10 mins. She moved a lot as if she was uncomfortable doing it. After that, she got tired? Not much movements. I thought the head had been down, but now I feel the hiccups from the side of my belly. The head went to the side? Not sure…

May 9
I got a strained back!
I had a plan to go out with a friend for shopping, so I went. But it wasn’t easy. So awkward to walk. I didn’t look normal … like an old lady. It was nice to be able to see some outlet stores with baby clothes and goods. I checked the availability and price ranges, etc. Still haven’t bought much yet…

May 13
After I had a strained back, it was terrible for 2 days, and it got better gradually. Now I noticed not only my legs but also my fingers got swollen. My ring didn’t come off! When I start going to the gym again, would it get better, I wonder.

Went for a 2nd test for pregnancy diabetes. No urine test. At first, took some blood. And then drank sweet glucose juice. After 1 hour, gave more blood. And after another hour, gave it again. Took my blood 3 times in total today and it took 2 hours to complete. Please let me pass the test!

May 14
Felt a dull pain like period pain.
Braxton Hicks are not painful. Not even uncomfortable. So I sometimes don’t notice if my hands are off my tummy. When the real contraction starts, I guess it will change to uncomfortable and then painful… I thought I was dehydrated, but it happened a few times in a day, it wasn’t that. It happens regularly now.
After the gym, my finger swollen went away. What an effect!
But I’ve read some mums keep being swollen or a bit overweight even after delivery, I decided to keep my rings off for a while.

May 15
Hiccups again. 3 times a day!
The second hiccups were felt from the side, so I wondered the head went the side. But the the 3rd ones were felt from the bottom, the head went down again? Good! We still have 2 months and she will still move around, but when the head is not down, that makes me feel a bit worried.


Recently the temperature went up and the home heater doesn’t get turned on. The dryness goes away because of it and the humidity is around 60%. My skin felt more moist than usual. Good!
My hubby helps me with washing dishes often these days. That’s very nice.

According to the book, our baby should be about 1.8kg now.

May 16
This morning, I felt her hiccup from my upper tummy. Oh no, now the head is up?
Anyway, the most important thing is that the head position is down when she comes out. No need to worry right now. And I’m not sure about where I feel her hiccups really matter or what.
Is she still going around like an astronaut in a spaceship?

Seeing my doctor.
32nd week.
Up until now, it was once in 4 weeks. Next 2 times will be every 2nd week and then every week.
My weight increased 3.5kg compared to a month ago. Overall, averagely, 7-9kg increase is the ideal, and I already increased 6.5kg.
Her heart rate was 145.
The result of my pregnancy diabetes came out, and it was no problem! Yay!
Sorry to have made you guys worried, but it was a routine and had to just make sure. Even if you had the pregnancy diabetes, it’s not too worrisome, he said.
Even though he says so, no diabetes is better for sure…
I told about my cramps, Braxton Hicks, and her hiccups (I thought 3 times a day might be too many times, so…) , but he said they are all normal. Relieved.
Today the appointment was 1:15pm, but we were able to see him at 4:30pm. Hubby also waited with me. Doctor often apologizes for the waiting time and we sympathize him. But still it’s really a long time to wait!

Now finally moving!
We were planning to move to another apartment on July 1st, but we changed our plan and decided to do it on June 1st.
We found a nice place, and the new place wants us to move-in in June not to waste time. So our old landlord favorably said OK with a shorter notice.
But we have a whole-day prenatal class on June 1. So we did our moving between June 2 – 4.
Yes, earlier was better this time, as I’m expecting in July. Baby delivery and moving in the same month would be really hard.


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