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Got an Alberta driver’s license!

Posted on Mar 2, 2013 in Car / License | 0 comments

Having said that, it’s a temporary license.

The temporary one was issued right on the spot at the counter. Yay!

My Japanese license was taken away.

The required items to apply for an Alberta driver’s license are:

  1. Permanent Residency
  2. A Japanese driver’s license
  3. Official translation of the license (issued by Consulate General of Japan)
  4. Proof of address
  5. Fee $91.80

When I read someone else’s blog a few years ago, the fee was $65. It’s so quick to go up!

I also read some webpage that said they used to require a small test. But it’s stopped now.
I got a picture taken without a smile. The license will be sent to me in about 2 weeks.

To have a Japanese license translated into English officially, you have to apply for it at the Consulate General of Japan, and it costs $26.
If you apply by post, you need to send a copy of your passport, 2 copies of your driver’s license along with the original, the application form, a money order of $26 and a registered envelop for it to be returned.
I forgot to put my actual license when I sent it, but they said it was OK on the condition that I come and pick it up and show it at the counter. So I didn’t need to send it by post. Thanks!!

The provincial capital of Alberta is Edmonton, and the Consulate General of Japan was here before, but somehow it moved to Calgary… It’s about a 3-hour drive from here. They accept the application by post as well, so I did it that way. At first, send them a letter to ask for the form with a envelop for it to be returned. Then make a money order of $26 at your bank. It cost $7 to make it at RBC. Quite expensive. If you want them to send it back once it’s done, you need to include a registered envelop for it to be returned. Small costs pile up… They sometimes come and visit Edmonton for convenience, so you can use that service as well. As we were going to Lake Louise and could drop by, we went there and picked it up. I got the official translation finally!

I’m expecting and its winter now and the snow & ice are quite dangerous. So I’m not going to drive unless it’s necessary, but it’s nice to have a Canadian driver’s license.

My Japanese driver’s license was taken away, but it will be returned to the Consulate General of Japan after 4 or more months (not 100% of the time).  After confirming, I need to go there again to take it back. In Japan, we don’t have birth certificates or other IDs with us. So driver’s licenses are very important for us. Sounds like it’s only for Japanese. Others won’t get them back. We are so lucky.