Bistro India

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May 8th

I went to Bistro India for lunch with friends. It’s located in a residential area and was quiet. Sounds like this restaurant is popular among local Indians as well. We can expect a good Indian food here!
Lunch sets were between$9.90-$11.90, which was very reasonable. They served us quite mild curry. After the meal, we asked about it, and we could have requested the level of spiciness. Well, they didn’t ask us… For some of us, they are a bit too mild. But they were good.

Fish Curry (deep-fried white fish) & Garden Veggie Curry. You can choose nun bread or rice.

Fish Curry Garden Veggie Curry

One of my friends said that if you pay $10 in Japan, this would come with salad. Hmm, that’s true. Even though $10 feels quite reasonable here, Edmonton (or Canada) might be still a expensive place.

Bistro India
10203 116 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5K1W3
(780) 482-1700


We went to a friend’s place to keep on chatting afterwards. She served us really nice hand-made sweets! Lucky us. Thank you very much! They were very delicious! We had a fun time.

Home made sweets @ friend\'s


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Apr 13 (Sat)

My Hubby’s cousin, M, came to Edmonton for work last week, so we went out for dinner together. But my hubby was too busy and couldn’t make it… too bad.

Noorish is one of her favorite restaurants in Edmonton. For me too, even though it’s only my 2nd time. (This was my first time.
I was going to have a Laughing Buddha’s Bowl, and so was she, but they were out of it already this evening. Too bad. So I had Miso Noorish ($17) and she had the special of the day: Spinach gnocchi in a sweet pepper rosè with asparagus.
Mine had a lot of sweet potato. It was filling and pretty good. The sauce was supposed to have a hint of miso, but it was difficult to taste it. Hers was pretty small. Not enough in my opinion.

Miso NoorishedSpinach gnocchi in a sweet pepper rosè with asparagus

Dessert was a piece of Rocky Road ($9.5)! It was very nice.

Rocky Road

M & I

She had a The Ultimate Jing Treasure ($24) , which is a drink of jing herbs with benefits derived from Chinese medicine for thousands of years! It contained cocoa, so it was easy to drink. But expensive! She is enduring hard work. She needs it for her health.

We talked a lot about how we were doing, families, healthy foods, being a mum, traveling and etc. I enjoyed chatting with her over the delicious meal.
At the end, she gave us a box of “raw” chocolate. OK, normally chocolate must be somehow cooked, I guess… yes, usually the cocoa beans get roasted to make chocolate. I checked online and raw chocolate is made without the beans roasted, so that nutrition such as calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, fibre, iron, zinc, copper will remain and get absorbed well enough. The chocolate had some salty hint as well (sea salt) and was tasty. Thank you very much, M!!

Nice raw chocolate!


Red Lobster

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My husband and I agreed that Red Lobster looks like a good place when we are hungry for seafood, we thought by watching their commercial on TV. It’s one of the biggest seafood chains in the US. The big portions are very American with very little veggies or none at all on the menu, I thought. But actually it wasn’t like that so much so when we visited there. When ordering entrees for dinner, it came with a caesar salad or a house salad. That was nice.

The first time we went to one of the two brunches in Edmonton was about 2 months ago. I wasn’t expecting going out for dinner, but we took too long for shopping at WEM, so we went there for a quick dinner. At that time, my hubby ordered the Ultimate Feast ($29.99) which is a great plate with crab legs, shrimp, lobster and etc. I ordered 2 appetizers, which were New England Clam Chowder (bowl $6.5) and Seafood Sampler (about $13). The sampler was a good deal. Hubby’s entree came with a salad, and also each table gets some biscuits (quite salty in my opinion). I got really full and satisfied.

This day (Apr 12), we printed out a coupon and brought it with us: $10 discount for 2 entrees of Lobster Fest menu items.


Complimentary biscuits

House Salad and caesar salad that comes with the entrees

House SaladCaeser Salad

We both ordered the same one: Bar Harbor Lobster Bake ($30.99)

Bar Harbor Lobster Bake

It was great! This linguini pasta looks too heavy and it was! Salt and butter. So many calories, I imagined. But it was good… I brought home my left-over.

We liked it, but maybe once in a while is good enough for us.

Surprised to find a brunch in Japan as well! (found it on Wiki)

Red Lobster
(780) 484-0660
10111 171 Street, Edmonton, AB

Louisiana Purchase

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My friends and I met at Louisiana Purchase for lunch on April 10th. A long stay (11am to after 2pm)! We were the first ones to enter and probably the last ones to leave… As always, we were surprised at how fast the time had passed.
Ms. M recommended this restaurant and we liked it a lot.

The lunch of the day was a fish dish. So I ordered that one. It had a long name, but in short it was tilapia with crayfish. The tilapia was coated with bread crumbs and was deep-fried. It looked like it had very high calories, but no problem. I was hungry. It hit the spot! The sauce was very nice, so were the veggies and rice.

Tilapia with Crayfish (about $16)

Tilapia with Crayfish

Louisiana Jambalaya $13.95 (Lunch) / $15.95 (Dinner)


Grilled Crab Cakes $15.95 (Lunch) / $21.95 (Dinner)

Crab Cakes

Cheesecake $7.50


I had a taste of both the jambalaya and crab cake, and they were good, too. Jambalaya is a featured dish and it has some shrimp in it, so I thought I wanted to try it next time, but it also has chicken, ham and sausage in the rice. Too bad.
The cheesecake was beautiful with fruits and the heavy cream was also good!

Louisiana Purchase
(780) 420-6779
10320 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB

Jambalaya by Hank Williams:

Jamaica 8 – Treasure Beach 4 – Black River & Pelican Bar

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Dec 23 (Sun) – 28 (Fri), 2012

We took a Black River Tour on the 26th.
This tour took us to Black River by a motor boat for crocodile-watching. It’s by luck to see any and sometimes customers can’t (a Czech family we met at the guesthouse couldn’t see any). And then we visited Pelican Bar which is built in the middle of the ocean. It’s a 4-5 hour tour. As a larger group can get a discount, so we decided to go with the Spanish couple who became friends of ours.

Good morning, cutie! Have a good day and see you later!

Good morning!

We got on this boat.
It’s called Why You Ask. When the owner goes to register it, they’ll ask the name of the boat.

“What’s the name of the boat?”
“Why you ask?”
“Because we need to register your boat. So what is it called?”
“So I’m telling you, why you ask.”

The conversation will never end…

Out to the Black River

The wave sometimes splashed on our faces. It’s refreshing and windy. We got a lot of sun.

Out to the Black River Out to the Black River

Out to the Black River

We will come to see you later, Pelican Bar!

Pelican Bar

We saw a dolphin! We were told it’s quite rare here during this season. So we were lucky!


Then we went up the Black River. Here he is! They are the same colour as the branches. It’s hard to find them. Normally, the guides find them for us.


We enjoyed the nice river nature scenes as well.

Black River

Black River

Black River

My husband can’t just ignore a Tarzan rope when he finds one. He has to try it! :

Black River

Hello, girls! :

Black River

There’s a place on the river where we can have some crabs! They’re not filling, but nicely arranged, easy to eat and tasty!

Tasty crab Tasty crab

Black River

Now going back to the ocean.

Pelican Bar

I imagine it’s hard to manage a restaurant like this. You have to bring everything over the water, drinks, gas, food, water…
It’s so windy too as it is located in the middle of the ocean.
We can have drinks here and also order some meals. They have a small section for souvenirs. We bought a redwood carving of dolphins.

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

This is a lobster dish. Shared with my hubby. It went so quickly! Very delicious.

Lobster lunch

Pelican Bar Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

Pelican Bar

It was a very enjoyable time.

Had fish & chips at the guesthouse for dinner.

Dinner - Fish & Chips

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