Value Village

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I like Value Village.
Value Village is a recycling shop that sells donated items. Items are used or sometimes new!
There are a lot of crappy items (sorry – could be a treasure for someone else!), but if you take time, you’ll find very valuable items.
Since we moved to Edmonton a year and a half ago, I’ve visited this shop a few times. If it were closer to our place, I would go more often.
It’s a great place to buy casual clothes. The pink sweater I wear the most was only $3. Even when I have a big belly, it’s still perfect to cover it.

It’s been a while since we visited here last time. I wanted to check what baby items or maternity items they’ve got. There are a lot of cute clean-looking items there. The items have tags of NB (Newly Born) or 3MO (3 months). Easy to choose. We bought 3 to begin with, with the price range between $1.99〜$4.99 per item. NB clothes are so small. I wonder if our baby would come out this small!?

baby clothes

They’ve got more maternity clothes than I expected. Yes, we wear these only for a certain period and we wouldn’t need them any more later. So, of course, these items would get donated regularly, I guess. I should have come before I went to the mall last time.
These maternity pants cost more than $50 at the WEM mall. They’re made from a thin material and I haven’t worn them more than once yet. For the next 3 months, I don’t know how many times I would wear them, but it’s an expensive buy for such a short period of time…
maternity wear

This was only $9.99 at Value Village.
maternity wear

It’s made with really nice strong material that I like.

I bought a few more maternity items and a sweater.
My husband bought 4 books. If you buy 4, the 5th is free! Lucky him. Good stuff.

We bought a lot. The stamp card got full for just a one-time purchase! Next shopping will be 30% off for us. Yay!

Value Village
8930-82nd Ave NW, Edmonton , AB T6C 0Z3
Phone: (780) 468-1259
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-9 | Sun 10-7

They have 5 branches in Edmonton.

Maternity Wear

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I couldn’t fit into any more of my trousers since more than 1 month ago. I wear stretchable trousers at home, so no problem, but I don’t have many choice of clothes when I go out.
So we went out to get some new stuff.

Some women who have many fashionable and practical items don’t seem to be bothered about buying “maternity clothes” and wear stretchable skirts, dresses or tunics that cover not only the tummy but also the butt. But when I look around my closet, there are not many items like that at all. So we went to buy some, but it’s difficult to decide how many I would need, as I don’t know what type of body I’m going to have after giving birth.
My bras also got a little too tight and a clerk at the shop took my measurement. The bottom had no change. Good! But the widest got 2 sizes bigger! I heard that the bust will be bigger, but I wasn’t expecting this much. Anyway, looking ahead I guessed that I would use them for more than 1 year, so I bought 2 new bigger bras. I also got a nice loose dress and a pants with a stretchable waist.

I think jeans might be quite tight and could prevent blood circulation so I don’t want to wear them, but it looks like women love jeans. These shops below had many kinds of pairs (of course they have the stretchy waists like above).  Breasts and tummies get bigger, so maybe they want to show off skinny legs, I guess?

There are 2 shops that specialize in maternity clothes in WEM (West Edmonton Mall) :

And also

– but the section for maternity wear was quite small.

If you think it’s a waste to buy clothes just for the period that you are pregnant, you have other choices to look for some that are wearable for both times. If the clothes can cover your tummy comfortably with stretchables or pleats, that would do.

At one of my recent favorite shops, Anthropologie, and we got one nice dress with pleats for me. This shop is not cheap, so I had to make sure that I can still wear it even after my pregnancy.

By the way, the mall was very dry. After spending 3 hours in the mall, our lips got rough, and as I took my sweater off and on many times for fitting, my hair got really fluffy with static electricity even though I had on some hair product. My eyes got red as well…

Maternity shopping… quite boring for my hubby but he patiently waited for me. Thanks!
Usually I wait for him at book stores and CD shops. So even-steven?