Name: Yewco (Yuko Kootnikoff)

Current city: Edmonton, Canada

Home Town: Born in Joetsu, Niigata. Lived in Nakano, Nagano.

Spent about 1 year in Canada to study English in her 20’s.

After getting married, they lived in Hong Kong for 11 years since 2000.

When SARS occurred, we temporarily lived in Vancouver and she took a course of web design.

Family: Husband & daughter

Things I like: Travel, Photography

Visited countries: 41

Food habit: Pescetarian (no meat but still eats seafood and dairy) for more than 15 years

Work: Web designer

Living: A lot of sitting at computers. So she goes to the gym twice a week and a yoga class once a week.

Religion: agnostic

Things she was good at in elementary school: Winner of a competition of how fast you can fold the crane with Origami paper in class (in elementary school). Water color painting of school building was chosen as the best in class. Got a swimming 3-Black the 3rd fastest in a class. 3-Black means you completed swimming of the 2 distances which are a 200m by crawling and a 300m by breast stroking at one time.

Things she was poor at in elementary school: Horizontal bars. And too many…