“L&R” Made the Press Shut Up

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L&R is one of my favourite songs by ASKA.

Each line of words are so meaningful, sincere and deep. I want to jot down everything here, but maybe it’s better and easier just to listen to the song.

When Chage & Aska broke up as a unit, it became big news in Japan. The press were wondering if they were fighting or if there were any problems between them. But after they listened to this song, no more questions. They have calmed down. This song explains Aska’s feelings perfectly.

The words are not too straight but are kind of playing with laughter, and there is his expression of love towards Chage. That’s the beginning of the song.

Chage & Aska are just like the sky and the ocean: they are both blue but never mix together. “We are a left fielder and a right fielder”. That’s one metaphor Aska makes as a baseball lover. I don’t know anything about baseball though. Being these fielders, they catch everything side by side.

“When we get together someday…” give us fans hope and he is expressing the feeling and love that he doesn’t feel too bad about being with Chage. It’s very nice.

The moon appears in the song. In his songs, the moon often means a woman. But in this song, the moon could mean the bigger crowd like fans or the media, I’m guessing.

Also this song makes us think about passing the time.
Time doesn’t just pass by. Time disappears. Yes, that’s true. We can never bring the past back again. This makes me feel that each day is very important, and we should try to make the most out of it.

This song was one of two for “Anata ga nakukotohanai”. And this time, it was re-mixed and included on the album “SCRAMBLE”. The re-mix was different from the original. He was using a more dynamic tone (strong and weak) with his voice and I really liked it.

A dream of “When we get together someday…” came true earlier than I thought. They are getting together again in this summer. Wow!

Aska has almost finished his current tour, ROCKET. Only one is left. I wish we were there. The concert will come out as a blue-ray (why not a DVD!?). Hmmm.

The music from the concert also came out on iTunes to sell. But it’s only inside Japan.

Not too friendly for overseas fans…

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