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May 8th

I went to Bistro India for lunch with friends. It’s located in a residential area and was quiet. Sounds like this restaurant is popular among local Indians as well. We can expect a good Indian food here!
Lunch sets were between$9.90-$11.90, which was very reasonable. They served us quite mild curry. After the meal, we asked about it, and we could have requested the level of spiciness. Well, they didn’t ask us… For some of us, they are a bit too mild. But they were good.

Fish Curry (deep-fried white fish) & Garden Veggie Curry. You can choose nun bread or rice.

Fish Curry Garden Veggie Curry

One of my friends said that if you pay $10 in Japan, this would come with salad. Hmm, that’s true. Even though $10 feels quite reasonable here, Edmonton (or Canada) might be still a expensive place.

Bistro India
10203 116 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5K1W3
(780) 482-1700


We went to a friend’s place to keep on chatting afterwards. She served us really nice hand-made sweets! Lucky us. Thank you very much! They were very delicious! We had a fun time.

Home made sweets @ friend\'s

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