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Glenbow, Metropolitan Grill & Wa’s Japanese in Calgary

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Feb 16

Glenbow (a museum) on Stephen Street sounded interesting for a visit, as one of the features was an exhibition of the street photographer, Fred Herzog.

Fred Herzog was a Canadian immigrant from Germany. He took a lot of nice Vancouver street photos in colour.
The generation of our parents would love and miss those days by looking at these photos.
We can appreciate the neon on Vancouver’s streets – it was really cool and bright.

By the way, it sounds like he referred to the “so-called holocaust” in an interview with the Globe and Mail and it became controversial…

My hubby also wrote about it.


Stephen St in Calgary:



University of Calgary:

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Where is everybody? Indoors? It’s a Saturday morning, but no people hanging around?
When we entered a mall, we found some.

A metal horse. This was here when we were here 6 years ago:

Streets in Calgary

My hubby joining in the conversation:

Streets in Calgary

Late lunch at the Metropolitan Grill:

Calamari Really delicious salad with real smoked salmon

Calamari was good and the salad with real chunks of smoked salmon was really good!

Metropolitan Grill
(403) 263-5432
Stephen Avenue, 317 7 Ave SW #150
Calgary, AB

Walked down the 4 St, peeking in shops.

Streets in Calgary

Central Memorial Park:

Central Memorial Park

A weird crow tower in front of Shelf Life Books:

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

We took a rest at our hotel and then went for dinner @ Wa’s Japanese.

Avocado tempura Spicy TunaSoba



I was actually looking forward to having ramen, but at this moment, I wanted to have udon. They’ve got a variety on the menu and the service was good. We’d love to come back again.

Wa's Japanese
(403) 277-2077
1721 Centre St N
Calgary, AB
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