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I went out for a tea with R, my Iranian friend. I was wondering if I should put it off or not, because I was coughing a bit from the indoor dryness. But it wasn’t too bad in the afternoon and if I keep drinking tea, the cough should be kept calm. When I met her, she was also in a similar situation, coughing a bit. Good (!?).

The cafe that is specialized in tea, Cha Island. I didn’t know about this cafe, so I was looiking forward to it.

Teas are all based on 3 kinds: Green Tea, Black Tea and Rooibos Tea. Other flavours are added onto them. You can try and smell the aroma of the tea by opening the jars. They smell really nice and delicious.

Great Tea selections!

Tea Island

The one we chose today was East Coast Rooibos Tea, which contains some blueberries. Great satisfaction on the flavour and the aroma.

Small is $3.5。This is a large pot for 2 – 4 people, $6.5。

East Coast Rooibos Tea

We also had a waffle. The coconut flavoured one is called Tropical something… sorry forgot the name. Very popular one, I heard. Adding one scoop of icecream=$1.

Tropical Waffle with ice cream

The atmosphere is just like a tropical island. Surf board, Bob Marley, wave paintings, and coconut trees are on the walls… And the owner’s hair style was dreads. Sounds like his wife is Vietnamese and they’ve got Vietnamese Coffee too. Nice.
There are out-door seating for summer. It’s spacious and the time can pass slowly here. It’s a perfect place for chatting with friends in the afternoon!

Tea Island

Do you know about Rooibos Tea? I didn’t know until yesterday. It’s a perfect tea for pregnant women and also for breast-feeding mums. It contains no caffeine! And also it’s low on tannin. Tannin is in coffee and other teas and it prevents iron and other nutrition from getting absorbed to the body. We need iron badly. We don’t want to let it happen. So it’s a great tea! I don’t see Rooibos Tea at regular supermarkets, do you? I wonder we can get it only somewhere like this cafe. Sounds like we can buy tea here by bulk. Good to know.

Thank you, R, for taking me here! It was a nice afternoon.

Cha Island Tea Co.
(780) 757-2482
10332 81 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB


  1. what a cute tea place, I would not mind to join u next time you go there:-) big tea-lover too! get well soon;

    • Hi, Jana. Thanks for your comment! Are you a tea-lover? Yes, come over and we can go together to hang out and chat!

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