Skype took my money too quickly!

Posted on Apr 19, 2013 in Internet | 0 comments

If you are using a free trial Skype Premium service and are going to cancel before the free period finishes, cancel one day before you are supposed to cancel, especially if  you live in North America. Otherwise they will take your money.
In my case, they told me that if I decided not to continue the Premium and cancel it before 17th, they wouldn’t charge me, but on the 16th, they charged me already! Why? I checked the receipt and it said they proceed with charges on the 17th, GMT/UTC, which is London time? In their invoice, they didn’t say anything about GMT/UTC. As I was going to cancel it from the beginning, I wrote it down in my calendar to make sure I canceled it. And then, on the day when I was going to cancel, the fee was already taken and I got surprised and upset. I had no idea that they were setting the due date from another country. They can tell that I live in Canada from my profile and IP address.
I wrote a claim and asked for the refund. I wonder if they would offer a refund!?


After 30 hours, they emailed me and told me that a refunding procedure is being processed! Yay!! Skype wasn’t as bad as I thought!
I’m not a heavy user of Skype, even though my mobile sucks when we live in a basement. Very bad signal… Usually I use HK$20-30 (CAN$4) worth per month. And this Premium thing costs HK$74 (CAN$10) per month. So I really didn’t want to pay. Thanks!!

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