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Apr 13 (Sat)

My Hubby’s cousin, M, came to Edmonton for work last week, so we went out for dinner together. But my hubby was too busy and couldn’t make it… too bad.

Noorish is one of her favorite restaurants in Edmonton. For me too, even though it’s only my 2nd time. (This was my first time.
I was going to have a Laughing Buddha’s Bowl, and so was she, but they were out of it already this evening. Too bad. So I had Miso Noorish ($17) and she had the special of the day: Spinach gnocchi in a sweet pepper rosè with asparagus.
Mine had a lot of sweet potato. It was filling and pretty good. The sauce was supposed to have a hint of miso, but it was difficult to taste it. Hers was pretty small. Not enough in my opinion.

Miso NoorishedSpinach gnocchi in a sweet pepper rosè with asparagus

Dessert was a piece of Rocky Road ($9.5)! It was very nice.

Rocky Road

M & I

She had a The Ultimate Jing Treasure ($24) , which is a drink of jing herbs with benefits derived from Chinese medicine for thousands of years! It contained cocoa, so it was easy to drink. But expensive! She is enduring hard work. She needs it for her health.

We talked a lot about how we were doing, families, healthy foods, being a mum, traveling and etc. I enjoyed chatting with her over the delicious meal.
At the end, she gave us a box of “raw” chocolate. OK, normally chocolate must be somehow cooked, I guess… yes, usually the cocoa beans get roasted to make chocolate. I checked online and raw chocolate is made without the beans roasted, so that nutrition such as calcium, magnesium, protein, fat, fibre, iron, zinc, copper will remain and get absorbed well enough. The chocolate had some salty hint as well (sea salt) and was tasty. Thank you very much, M!!

Nice raw chocolate!