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Prenatal Yoga Class

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Some of my friends who are already mothers gave me some advice, telling me to try stretching for an easy birth, a breast massage, etc. I think these are important and I was also checking on the internet.

The stretching menu for an easy birth wasn’t too new or difficult at all for me fortunately, as there are some stretching exercises that I’ve been doing when I go to the gym, that I learned from a trainer in HK and there are also a lot of poses we learned from yoga classes that we joined in HK and in Canada.
And the special selections from these were the menu for an easy birth.
So all I have to do is just do it more frequently! That’s all. But that’s the most difficult part…

From this January, I stopped going to a regular yoga class with my hubby and started going to a prenatal yoga class, with the expectation I can learn more, stretch and relax in a better way.
Prenatal yoga has more poses that are easy on the tummy and more conscious of the baby.

Different from a regular class, this one consisting of only pregnant women has a different, softer atmosphere, and the size of the class is rather small. Each new mum is different on how far along they are with their baby, so the term is shorter (1 term contains 6 classes) than the regular classes to ease the coming and going.

It’s good that I can chat with these mums about their pregnancies and share information. The mums with 2nd or 3rd babies seem to enjoy this 1 hour yoga time to escape from the regular chores at home and relax.

Up until recently, my hubby used to drive me and waited for me, but now I have my own driver’s license finally and I can drive! A bit nervous at first, as it’s been a long time, and it was at night with snow. But fortunately the winter is coming to the end and the day light is getting longer already. It’s bright until 8:30 p.m. now.

By the way, getting a cramp in the legs seems like one of the symptoms that pregnant women sometimes have during the second trimester of pregnancy.
I got one while sleeping. It was about 2 weeks ago. I guess it’s because we have more liquid in the body and I feel swelling in my legs. I sit a lot at the computer, that’s also bad. So my body wants to go workout. The doctor also says we should exercise regularly. Since my morning sickness has faded away finally, I’m trying to go back to the 3-times-a-week cycle. My pace of exercise is slower on the machine. But that’s OK. After sweating and feeling blood circulation going around the body, I feel really good and food is more delicious.
If I sleep with my legs straight, I get more cramps. If I bend them, it’s unlikely not to get them, in my opinion.

My belly now looks like a belly of a pregnant woman. At first, I could look like a chubby woman with a big belly. It was subtle… now I think anyone can tell I’m pregnant. That’s better.

We got a lot of snow on Mar 21st, and then the temperature went down to -19 c degree on Mar 24th. It felt like we were still deep in winter. But on 27th and 28th, it went up around 10 c degree. Snow started to melt a lot, and the back streets are full of big ponds! Cars are splashing mud on each other. No one would get a car-wash in this situation. We are expecting some more snow in April, but now it feels like a spring a bit.

25 weeks 25 weeks.

Nano for My Workout

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It was in Sep last  year.

I think I used this iPod nano for 5 years. The capacity was only 912.5MB. I didn’t peel away the original protecting sticker (normally you do?) and I put a cover on top of it. So the look was still so shiny and brand-new!
But! I put it on the floor at the gym (That was wrong! My hubby said later) and a dumb dumbbell fell from a shelf and rolled onto my nano. It shouldn’t hurt too much, I thought. But the screen got broken! Yes, it is a delicate gadget. Of course!
As it has a small capacity and therefore not too many albums in it, I didn’t have too much trouble listening to my favorite music without the navigation on the screen. I continued using it.

But gradually we bought a new one.

The current nano got smaller and thinner. The capacity didn’t grow just twice or three times. That was much more. More than 16 times! It was 16GB. So big!! The iPod from 5 years ago was 16 GB? Probably.

The nano also has a function of step counter. Just put it in a pocket and it counted well. Good!
I’ve never used a step counter before. But sounds like a person should walk 6,000 steps a day at least. Today, I used the function to go and back between home and the gym, and it was 3700 steps. It wasn’t too bad. As it’s very close, I thought it would be about 1,000 steps.