Glenbow, Metropolitan Grill & Wa’s Japanese in Calgary

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Feb 16

Glenbow (a museum) on Stephen Street sounded interesting for a visit, as one of the features was an exhibition of the street photographer, Fred Herzog.

Fred Herzog was a Canadian immigrant from Germany. He took a lot of nice Vancouver street photos in colour.
The generation of our parents would love and miss those days by looking at these photos.
We can appreciate the neon on Vancouver’s streets – it was really cool and bright.

By the way, it sounds like he referred to the “so-called holocaust” in an interview with the Globe and Mail and it became controversial…

My hubby also wrote about it.


Stephen St in Calgary:



University of Calgary:

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Where is everybody? Indoors? It’s a Saturday morning, but no people hanging around?
When we entered a mall, we found some.

A metal horse. This was here when we were here 6 years ago:

Streets in Calgary

My hubby joining in the conversation:

Streets in Calgary

Late lunch at the Metropolitan Grill:

Calamari Really delicious salad with real smoked salmon

Calamari was good and the salad with real chunks of smoked salmon was really good!

Metropolitan Grill
(403) 263-5432
Stephen Avenue, 317 7 Ave SW #150
Calgary, AB

Walked down the 4 St, peeking in shops.

Streets in Calgary

Central Memorial Park:

Central Memorial Park

A weird crow tower in front of Shelf Life Books:

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

Streets in Calgary

We took a rest at our hotel and then went for dinner @ Wa’s Japanese.

Avocado tempura Spicy TunaSoba



I was actually looking forward to having ramen, but at this moment, I wanted to have udon. They’ve got a variety on the menu and the service was good. We’d love to come back again.

Wa's Japanese
(403) 277-2077
1721 Centre St N
Calgary, AB
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The Coup in Calgary

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Feb 15

We went to Calgary.
Last year, we passed by a few times, but we hadn’t made any actual visits to the city for 6.5 years!

This is 6.5 years ago:
Calgary - David holding Heavy Yewco

We stayed at the same hotel, Best Western, this time as well. I remembered the hotel when we got there.

I caught a cold just before this short trip. So I was making uncomfortable noises… very bad.

Why would you go on a trip when feeling sick? Well, it was already planned and we were looking forward to it, and this trip could be the last trip before having our BB. So why not? We departed Edmonton praying my cough would go away soon…

The weather was nice and so was the drive. In Japan, we have highway stations. It’s a rest area with toilets, gas and snack/souvenirs along the major highways. There is no such thing in Canada, even though the distances are so vast, compared to Japan! There are a few towns or gas stations along the way, but too few. We have to drive off the major road to get to a small town to get what we need. It’s sometimes 2-3 kms away. This is important as I need to go to the washroom often in my pregnant condition and my hubby also as he is a coffee lover.

We packed a lunch from our fridge-left-overs and when we finished eating, we arrived in Calgary! It’s about a 3-hour drive (it’s 4 hours if there is snow on the road or a snowstorm).

I think Calgary has a similar temperature to Edmonton’s, but on this day it went up to  12 c degrees! So warm!

We went to the Consulate General of Japan in Calgary to pick up the official translation of my Japanese driver’s license. A lady at the counter explained the related matters in details for me. It was a nice visit.

That was the only thing that I had to do in Calgary. Now we were free here for 2 days. We spent time hanging around the city.

This night, we went to a organic restaurant, The Coup, for dinner.
They have a bar area too. Beer is also local and organic. We arrived at 7:00. It was already full.
We had some drinks and an appetizer at the bar until a table got available for us.

My hubby’s beer on the left, and my mint lime lemon iced tea on the right.

This was great. The dip which looks like a snow man consists of some beets, peas, and soft nice cheese on the bottom. I didn’t read the ingredients, so I’m not too sure what they are, but it tasted very nice and healthy. The presentation was also cool. We really liked it.

We moved to a table and ordered mains.
The place was really dark and I couldn’t photograph my hubby’s dishes. Too bad! He had a soup of the day and the grazer burger (some kind of tofu burger). He said it was really good too.
Mine was beachfront hot pot, which I had already decided to have by looking at their website before coming to the restaurant. The soup was coconut and tomato soup. So I was imagining a thick laksa-like soup, and it was like that. The vermicelli was a bit so-so, but I liked that it had a lot of root veggies as its topping. It made me so warm. We got really full!

Beachfront Hot Pot

@ the Coup (organic restaurant) @ the Coup

He was happy! And of course me too as you can see. Happy together!

The Coup
(403) 541-1041
924 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB