Busy Month

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 in Living | 0 comments

No time for blogging… need to make time….

The last 30 days were very busy!

  • got a strained back
  • a friend visited us from HK
  • visited Toronto for 4 days
  • joined a 1-day prenatal class with my husband
  • moved within Edmonton without any moving company’s help
  • ultrasound

The 3 most stressful things in life seem to be

  1. death
  2. marriage
  3. moving

We moved 8 times in last 13 years. Including small moves, it’s 10 times. So we have a lot of experience, but still it’s tiring, big work.
We don’t have furniture, but have a lot of stuff.
My husband did all of the heavy work. The day we moved with a van was rainy… We had to walk on the grass and mud a lot, and the both houses got quite dirty… Great day to move…

One more month to go for the due delivery date. Hope we can do a lot of necessary things and things we want to do. I still haven’t completed to write about the last summer holiday on this blog! I wanna complete that for sure.

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